REVIEW – Cautionary Tales

12622392_1670713746522613_2917985722761299622_oCautionary Tales –  Emmanuelle de Maupassant
Although not yet released, I have been lucky enough to catch a very early draft of Ms de Maupassant’s “Tales”. It is a delightful collection of gruesome ghouls and saucy spectres doing what they do best.

The sexual and sensual undertones are masterfully entwined within the tale and the body of each short story is so beautifully written that you will forget these are newly written tales and not adaptations of centuries-old Eastern European lore, such is their construction. This is a skill particular to the author, who seems able to manipulate language to create a genuinely ‘old’ flavour – Her pseudo-Victorian ‘The Gentlemen’s Club‘, which I reviewed a while back, being another such fine example.

This occasionally saucy and often dark page-turner will make you both smile and grimace – often during the same sentence. You can check out one of her ‘Cautionary Tales’ here.

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