Children of the Night – Michael Kring

1741210Although this book is the second in an unfinished series, I actually read it first after coming across it in a charity shop back in the 80s.

What can I say? It has the feel of a self-published (or at least tiny publishing house) release.
The storyline isn’t particularly unique, the copy-editing is poor, some of the narrative is among the worst I have ever come across in this genre and it has the feel of someone who played way-to-many RPG games in his youth, trying to recreate his famous D20, ‘Traveller’ adventures in novel form.


But it does.

Children of the Night, like it’s prequel, The Space Mavericks (which I only came across many years later), has something. After dozens of rereads, I still cannot pinpoint just what it is that has me returning to it. It’s cheesy, hammy and many other pizza toppings rolled into one, but I love it. As a gangly youth, I ate it up, and as a portly 40-something, I still hold it in my hand with a strangely deep affection.

Was it the fact that I hunted for many years to see what happened earlier in the series? Was it because that it was only with the advent of the Internet, that I discovered that the author never completed the series and left us hanging. Or was it because this ludicrous space-yarn combined fun elements of films like Star Wars, my own table-top adventures and endless hours playing Elite into the early hours on my Atari ST?

I will probably never know, but this book has become a real gem in my collection of ‘Books that make me feel warm and fuzzy’.

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