Morals or Money?

5302862115_8533bbb775Here’s a question. What would you do when faced with a moral dilemma at work? One that determines whether you will stay or leave?

Let’s face it, you need the salary (we all need the salary). After all, you have a family, a mortgage and all the regular bills and expectations of a ‘normal’ life. However, the company in which you work has some element with which you are uncomfortable. Maybe it’s a behind the scenes lack of real care for the clients, maybe there is an underlying drug habit amongst a few of your peers or department heads or perhaps nepotism is rife and you’re just not one of ‘the gang’.

Just what do you do?

After some deliberation, I see four possible options:

  1. Keep your head down and turn a blind eye,
  2. confront the situation and risk being ostracised,
  3. bide your time and leave when you’ve found a better position,
  4. stand by your morals and leave pretty much immediately.

Decisions decisions!

Personally, I would lean towards the fourth option, with a possible dusting of ‘three’. But taking the ‘high road’ doesn’t exactly cover the repayments on the car, does it?

What would you do?


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