Today’s Grump – Unemployment’s no fun

scrabble bored (Custom)It’s a boring Tuesday, I’m playing Scrabble in between searching through the recruitment agencies’ sites.

This unemployment lark is really getting on my nerves.

Since my return to Spain, over eight months ago, I’ve applied for over 100 positions locally, nationally and internationally. The result? 2 interviews!! One of them, a four hour assessment ended up with them informing me that I was over-qualified.What’s that all about? If I’m over-qualified, then I was over-qualified before the assessment, surely? And if that is the case, then why the hell was I brought in for the assessment.

Four hours of uncomfortable clothes (I’m really not a tie wearer by choice) and a 2 hour round trip walking to and from the office resulted in a seriously grumpy writer with the world’s worst double heel blister that had me walking around the apartment like a geriatric ballerina for days afterwards.

I’m a very experienced guy, I’m loyal and I’m prepared to start at the bottom of selected field again, safe in the knowledge that I can progress through the ranks.

Why won’t people give me a chance before I’m forced to start eating the plaster off the dining room wall or, heaven forbid, roasting one of the cats?

Here endeth the Grump!grumpsig001

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