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At its main call centre, BetConstruct’s customer service team undergo a rigorous training programme to deliver hassle-free support across twelve languages, led by Head of Customer Experience, David Chandler.

betting businessDavid Chandler, who is responsible for the round-the-clock B2B and B2C customer facing focus, delivers intensive training to give new recruits a strong grounding in different types of betting -from Sportsbook to casino games – and the art of building a strong rapport with customers.

“It’s a very touchy-feely role, but that’s part of the appeal of BetConstruct,” Chandler commented. “We’re approachable, and we’ve got the capacity to offer hands-on, personalised assistance. We have 50 people covering multiple languages; this depth of customer support is a huge value to our partners as this capability is difficult for many of them to hire themselves.”

Chandler’s career path has included stints at major betting firms such as Ladbrokes and 888, as well as several successful years as an entertainer. His background gives him a unique blend of serious business acumen and easy sociability, and it’s precisely this combination of knowledge and approachability that he seeks to instill at all levels in the company.

“We give staff a comprehensive overview of skill games, casino products, poker and Sportsbook, but there’s also a big focus on our communication quality too,” said Chandler. “Because none of the product skill matters if you don’t know how to make that important connection with the customer, how to find commonalities, how to touch them, how to build that trust.”

He continued: “With call centres on both sides of the Atlantic – we have a dedicated Spanish and Portuguese centre in Peru that services our South American partner customers – one difficulty I expected to encounter when I arrived here ten months ago was the standardisation of quality across our different locations. But BetConstruct’s desire to be the best we can possibly be, has enabled me to travel to Lima and ensure that the company ethos, our vision, if you like, is understood and subscribed to wherever our offices are located. It may sound like a cliché, but we really do see every office as an integral part of the whole.”

This vision extends beyond the call centres to BetConstruct’s account managers, each of whom works closely with existing partners to help them with their business needs. “Our partners can focus on marketing and building their client base, knowing they’ve got a one-stop shop for assistance from our account managers. They know where they have to go to for help rather than throwing an email blindly into a company and hoping somebody will pick it up,” he explains.

So what of the future? “The challenge of this role,” Chandler stated, “is the continual change that a dynamic company like ours creates; an extra bet-type here, a new live dealer product there. I believe that invest-ment in ourteams is the key to our success. We are constantly kept on our toes, but there’s not a single agent or account manager who doesn’t relish the challenge.”

TITLE: BetConstruct’s Global Customer Care
DESCRIPTION: Gaming article about BetConstruct’s intensive Customer Service training programme.

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