Children of the Night – Michael Kring

Although this book is the second in an unfinished series, I actually read it first after coming across it in a charity shop back in the 80s. What can I say? It has the feel of a self-published (or at least tiny publishing house) release. The storyline isn’t particularly unique, the copy-editing is poor, some […]

REVIEW – Cautionary Tales

Cautionary Tales –  Emmanuelle de Maupassant Although not yet released, I have been lucky enough to catch a very early draft of Ms de Maupassant’s “Tales”. It is a delightful collection of gruesome ghouls and saucy spectres doing what they do best. The sexual and sensual undertones are masterfully entwined within the tale and the body of […]

REVIEW – The Gentlemen’s Club

The Gentlemen’s Club – Emmanuelle de Maupassant I’m always happy to plug a fellow author., especially one who has repeatedly encouraged me to continue writing, who offers an honest critique on almost every word that passes under my fingers, and who is a little gem of inspiration in my life. Check out Emmanuelle’s site, her provocative posts […]