Hob & The Crystal Sphere

product_thumbnailThe Ogre leaned towards the little Boggart.
“Where we go, there are rivers of molten rock, lakes of acid, seas and oceans filled with the stench of millions of dead and dying creatures.”
“Do they sell candyfloss?”
The Ogre smiled at the Boggarts humour, but somehow Hob didn’t feel very comfortable under that evil twisted grimace.

A couple of years have passed since Hob’s last adventures and, no longer a True Fairie, he finds himself somewhat alone in the land of mortals until the Council of Seven offer him a task to recover the mysterious Crystal Sphere, an ancient artifact that they hope will speed up the process of reawakening all the Fairie races.

With Minxy the Imp to help him along the way, Hob soon finds himself plunged into a world of Goblins, Ogres, Giants, Dragons, Magic and Mayhem and, once again finds himself faced with difficult, heart-breaking decisions.